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How to Pick the Best Paint for Projector Screen: a Step-by-Step Guide

Planning on watching your favorite movies and shows on a projector but don’t have a suitable wall for that? Don’t worry: with the Best Paint for Projector Screen, you can turn any wall into a movie theater. But how do you know which paint to choose? How can you find that one and only can of paint that will be right for your situation? I’ve been asking myself that same question for quite a long time and am very happy to share my knowledge with you.

So, if you, like me, prefer projectors over regular TVs any time of the day, check out my short, yet detailed buyer’s guide. A quick note: these aren’t Projector Screen Paint Reviews, but rather some guiding points that will help you find the best investment for your bucks. Let’s dig right in!

The Paint Type

You’ve got two options to pick from - latex and acrylic paint. Without getting into “techy” details, let me just say that the only difference is in the density, or concentration of the acrylic paint. If it’s pure, we call it acrylic; and if it’s mixed with vinyl plastic, we call it latex paint. Which one should you choose for your projector screen?

  • Acrylic paint is more reliable and long-lasting. Plus, it’s not “afraid” of extreme temperatures or humidity. The bad news is – acrylic can be bad for your health, especially if you come in contact with it often.
  • Latex paint, in contrast, is significantly cheaper, simply because vinyl isn’t as expensive as acryl. It might not be as strong, but for a home wall, latex is a very good choice. Plus, it’s harmless and won’t cause you any problems.

The Color

I’m not talking about how good or bad the wall will look. When choosing the color for your project screen wall, remember that the whiter (brighter) the color, the more light it will reflect. A grey or silver screen will be a better choice if the projector is too strong (bright). However, if it’s not, a darker tone on the wall will probably ruin your experience. Read projector screen paint reviews

Gain – What’s it all about?

For getting the best image quality, it’s important to consider the gain. The term also refers to the reflectiveness of the paint. The smaller the projector, the less light it can produce. Therefore, the owners of small (or average in size) projectors should look for a high-gain wall. In my experience 2.0 or higher will be the right pick. With bigger projectors, it’s vice versa: since the emitted light will be stronger/brighter, I recommend choosing 1.0-gain paint.

The Resolution

This doesn’t refer to the resolution of the projector, but rather the resolution of the paint. Yes, it does matter, and the market is full of different types of paint that “suit” different resolution standards. For 1080p (also known as FullHD), pretty much any can of paint will do. However, if you’ve going with 4K, or even 6K and 8K, make sure you pick the right type of paint; otherwise, you’ll be disappointed by the image quality.

True, high-res paint is usually more expensive, but, it does provide excellent value. Now, even if you’re 100% good with 1080p, you never know when that’s going to change. So, it might be a good idea to buy 4K paint “in advance”. The Verdict That’s about it! Picking the right paint for the projector isn’t rocket science, but there are still somethings that you’ll need to consider. If you get the paint type, the color, gain, and resolution right, you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality movies/shows any time of the day!
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